Our goal

Care of patients with advance cancer – primarily Medical, Nursing, Mental, Social and Spiritual needs are taken care of at No Cost. It is a specialized Center giving supportive care of a hospital along with the love of a home.

For Whom??

  • For Patients with Advance Cancer – those beyond benefit from Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery or other cancer specific treatment.
  • To all cancer patients who are needy-irrespective of caste, creed or community
  • To give preference to the poor and the needy.

Services at the Center

  • Patients are treated for severe pain with special medicines, symptoms like nausea/vomiting, cough, difficulty in breathing, fluid collection in abdomen or lungs, burst or ulcerated tumors, inability to eat, paralysis, bed sores and others.
  • All services and treatments are given completely free for the patient including medicines, consultation, Doctor’s visit, food, accommodation, patient uniform and others.
  • Free food and accommodation for one relative of the patient.
  • Entertainment facilities for the patient-like Books, Carrom Board, Music, Movies, Jokes etc and celebrating all major Festivals etc.
  • Counseling the patient and the family members about the inevitable truth of life, and help them come to terms with diagnosis, prognosis, and its consequences.
  • Treat patient and the relatives with Love and Compassion.

Facilities at the Center

  • Daily outpatient services – including consultation, dispensing medicines, dressing for ulcers/wounds etc.
  • Facility to admit up to 10 patients.
  • Each bed can be curtained off for individual privacy and comfort
  • Experienced Doctor, Nursing staff and Counselor
  • Well ventilated and Clean environment
  • Need based food for Patients – including liquid diet
  • Recreational gadgets like TV, Carom Board, Story Books, Microphone, Indoor games etc.

OPD treatment

We also treat patients with no cost on OPD basis also for those who do not need or want admission. We provide Doctor’s consultation, Medicines, Dressing and Counseling etc. totally free of cost.


No expense to be borne by the patient. Outpatient and inpatient both services are completely FREE of cost. Not even registration fee is charged. If we need to call outside doctor for a specific consultation or need to send patient for a particular test, even these are not charged to patient.


For admissions contact our Palliative Care Center from 10am to 7pm – Monday to Saturday.