Friends! Shyam Oncology Foundation acknowledges your indispensable contribution. Karunalay Cancer Palliative Care Center completed 2 years on April 15th 2014.

Treated patients in OPD

Total: 529 patients

2012: 144 patients

2013: 385 patients

Treated patients in IPD

Total: 162 patients

2012: 55 patients

2013: 107 patients

Shree Dr. Pankaj Shah – Senior Cancer Physician (Oncologist), GCRI, Ahmedabad

Karunalay has developed high quality palliative care for cancer patients in advance stage, based on sound medical science. Care provided here is more compassionate than what can be done at even home. I congratulate Shyam Oncology Foundation and Dr Chirag Shah for creating this center. I strongly recommend any such kind of cancer patients to take help of this center which is totally free of cost. (translated from original Gujarati quote)

Shree Dr. Vivek Bansal – Honourable Director of Radiation Oncology Department, HCG, Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad

This center helps to fight sufferings of the advance cancer patients (and their family) with help of medicines and empathy and also tries to add life in their remaining days. Conveying my best wishes for this noble activity!! “There is limit for cure but no limit for CARE.”

(translated from original Gujarati quote)

Admitted patient’s name: Ashokbhai Keshavbhai Parmar, D: 13 / 05 / 2013 (translated from original Gujarati quote)

My sufferings like headache for 4 months, dribbling saliva, and loss of appetite at home, sleeplessness for 9 months improved almost immediately after being admitted here. Hospital has good cleanliness, provides proper food and whole staff is very empathetic.

Ashokbhai’s Wife: I had entered tearful and I am going with smile. My husband was staying alone in this hospital and I was able to go for my work.