Karunalay Logo

The name KARUNALAY has been christened to convey the message of God’s kindness to the needy from His Abode. KARUNALAY is an attempt by Shyam Oncology Foundation to provide palliative treatment to Cancer patients. It is a specialized Center giving supportive care of a hospital along with the love of a home.




  • We take care of patients with advance cancer – those beyond benefit from chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery.  Such treatments are not provided here.
  • Patients are treated for severe pain (with special medicines),  symptoms like nausea/vomiting, cough, difficulty breathing, fluid collection in abdomen or lungs, burst or ulcerated tumors, inability to eat and others.
  • Counseling is very important part of taking care of such patients and their family members. We have trained counselors to help patients and family accept the Bad News, and live happily for remaining time.  Counseling also helps family to accept death better and live peacefully.
  • Free food and accommodation are provided to the patient and one relative during the entire period of stay.  Patients are not charged for medical or nursing care, medicines, consumables, food, clothes, stay, and for many other facilities available at the center.
  • Treatment is also given to Destitutes/patients without any relative.
  • Karunalay provides various amenities to patients in the form of well ventilated & clean environment, filtered cold water, nutritious food, tube feeding for patients with special needs, fan, Entertainment facilities like Carrom Board, TV – movies, education, jokes, music etc . in the Recreation room, clean toilet and washing facilities in the washrooms, Linen washed on a daily basis etc.